Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Natural Cancer Cures and Imus is Dangerous

According to this article there is an alarming increase in people using natural "cures" for disease and especially cancer. They say 60% are trying natural "cures" first.

If you try a natural cure for your hangnail or a cold that is one thing, but a disease where time is of the utmost importance like cancer this is a big problem. There are some really disturbing stories in the article about those who had developed extremely life threatening cancers while taking unproven treatments.

I found this out while listening to the radio the other morning. I usually listen to NPR on the way to work, but during a segment change i flipped up to Imus in the morning. He was speaking to Bob Scheiffer and said he has decided to use this natural treatment of eating habanero peppers every day. He claims this is killing cancer cells. You can tell from Scheiffer's response he doesn't know how to respond. This is dangerous to not only Don Imus, but every listener who thinks this is a new approved option.

Imus's doctors have not approved of this and even if he were "cured" that doesn't prove it was the peppers. It takes large studies to prove something like this and single stories are not proof. Chemotherapy and targeted cancer treatments have spent many years under study by not just the FDA, but other competing companies to prove their claims. Much like everything else in science there are peer review efforts to prove these claims.

So the quack who started this phenomenon now is posting from a blogspot account showing how accepted this is(I know I'm at blogspot, but I'm not trying to sell you anything here). Then he heads to medical message boards and professes all the time about this "cure".

The danger here is as more and more defy doctors suggestion to take natural cures we are going to have more and more unnecessary deaths to cancer that becomes to advanced before the person accepts the doctors treatment. Chemotherapy is not something I would wish on anyone, but modern science is working everyday to make better combinations or even alternatives to chemo, which work better.


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